Major Events:

Quilt of Humanity

There have been many events and people throughout history which have drastically changed the direction of Humanity.  The question (which is very open to interpretation) is whether the change  has improved or diminished humanity (and sometimes it might have done both).  “Quilt of Humanity” is a 8’ x 8’ kiln-formed glass art installation that traces the history of humanity from the beginning to the present.  Through 36 different glass panels, the installation examines the major events and people who have drastically changed the direction of humanity.  The purpose of the installation is to encourage you to think about these events and people and your opinion of the outcome. The last panel, representing the future, is clear since the future is unknown. 

The “Quilt of Humanity” was shown at ArtWorks (Beaufort, SC) August 2013, ArtPrize September 2013, ArtFields April 2014 and Center for the Arts, University of South Carolina-Beaufort March 2016.

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