Health & Safety

Updated 01/06/2023

Like any other profession, there are many health and safety hazards associated with kiln glass. I have a BS in Biology and a MS in Public Health (Industrial Hygiene). For 29 years I was a Health & Safety professional in industry. Before I retired in 2012 to pursue glass art full time, I was a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH – and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP – 

The information presented here is “good science” and my personal, professional opinion based on my education and experience since 1980 in the health & safety field and over 20 years of working with glass.  I hope this information is useful! 

Topics covered include chemicals, noise, heat, non-ionizing radiation and personal protective equipment including respirators.

Industrial Hygiene: The science and art of the evaluation, recognition and control of occupational health hazards.  (

What is Good Science?

  • Science that is readily accepted by the scientific community 
  • Research methods used are readily accepted and proven
  • Has substantial supporting evidence from credible sources
  • Results have been reproduced by independent researchers
  • Data analysis used accepted and proven methods
  • Results “Peer Reviewed” by experts in the field